We're here to support communities through real estate

More home ownership is better for all

Home ownership is the foundation of the American Dream -- and it's at risk

Owning a home has always been the best way for families to create generational wealth, but real estate ownership rates are falling and the trends don’t look good. The share of first time buyers purchases fell dramatically in 2022, with buyers squeezed out by greedy corporations. If millions of families lose access to their best wealth building tool, the middle class will shrink while the rich get richer.

Homeslice doesn't take a cut of any homes -- only buyers and investors do

Fundamentally, any profit a proptech makes off of home purchases is equity buyers and investors won't receive. Unlike other real estate platforms and proptech companies, Homeslice doesn't take a cut of any purchases. We believe through technology, new transaction models and participation in the massive US real estate market, there's room to build a fantastic business whose interests are completely aligned with its customers and the community.

Our mission is to create a new generation of first time homebuyers -- not more rentals and Airbnbs

Communities thrive when their members are safe, stable, and connected. Unlike other real estate investments, Homeslice exclusively supports first time buyers that form the foundation of healthy communities. We believe the rapid expansion of investors running rentals and Airbnbs is a good way to make a quick buck, but a terrible way to foster healthy, tight-knit communities.

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