How it works

Homeslice is when people meet real estate tech

We connect qualified homebuyers with investors

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Homeslice crowdfunds most of the down payment

Community investors put up most of the cash so a first time buyer can make a 20% down payment. This allows a buyer to buy in a competitive real estate market and get a good mortgage.

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Investors receive a slice of home equity

In exchange for putting up cash when the home is purchased, investors get an equity stake in the home -- a homeslice. That homeslice turns into cash when the owner buys it back or sells their home.

Buyers pay the mortgage and maintain the home

The buyer lives in the home and pays the mortgage, building equity in the process. Investors are kept up to date so they can see the family they helped out and know their real estate investment is in good shape.

With time, buyers pay back investors

After 15 years, buyers can either pay back investors outright, refinance their mortgage or sell the home to complete the relationship. Whichever way the buyer goes, the equity and home appreciation will create a win-win scenario for everyone.

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