Invest in real estate that matters

For investors that want to help others

Homeslice supports individual homeownership -- not more landlords

Everybody says to invest in real estate, but you don’t want to become a landlord. Unlike other real estate platforms, Homeslice doesn’t make more rentals -- Homeslice helps communities thrive by creating more first time buyers. Homeslice lets you invest in real estate, strengthen the community, and help a first time buyer all at the same time. With Homeslice, everyone wins.

A passive investment with a 50% premium off the bat

If you contribute 1% of the home’s price to the buyer’s down payment, you receive a 1.5% slice of home equity. That’s a huge premium for an asset backed investment. The buyer lives in, maintains and pays the entire mortgage for the home. And you know your investment is well taken care of, because the buyer wants the same thing you do: their home to be worth as much as possible. Invest in real estate with peace of mind.

Invest in real estate while doing good

You contribute to the down payment for a first time buyer and receive a slice of home equity -- a homeslice. Your slice turns into cash when the buyer purchases it back from you or sells their home. Real estate is a stable investment, with proven returns over time. Homeslice helps you invest in a real property asset that carries real world value that you can actually understand. It’s like the opposite of your crypto.

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